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Senate Democrats plan to go all out in their protest against the GOP healthcare bill starting Monday night.

Lawmakers in the party plan to use a series of stall tactics to draw attention to the way Republicans are writing their version of the American Health Care Act and protest the policy changes that are expected to be in the bill.

A Democratic Senate aide told Business Insider the move will consist of four measures:

Objecting to all unanimous-consent requests. On requests or resolutions that have bipartisan support, unanimous consent is used to speed up the process. While this will not prevent any measure from passing, it can slow down proceedings significantly. The Democratic aide said some resolutions will be allowed through, such as a resolution honoring the victims of last week’s congressional baseball shooting.
Submitting a series of unanimous consent requests “to attempt to force the House-passed healthcare bill to committee, delay” a series of votes on the legislation, “and increase transparency, forcing Republicans to publicly defend their ‘no hearings strategy.'”
Using a series of parliamentary procedures “to highlight the difference between the open process used to pass the Affordable Care Act and the process Republicans are pursuing now.”
Highlighting healthcare issues “late into the evening …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics

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