Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders

Kamala Harris; Bernie Sanders (Credit: AP/Rich Pedroncelli/Getty/Alex Wong/Salon)

Last week Ryan Cooper set off a firestorm with an article in The Week entitled “Why leftists don’t trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick.” It was a frank and straightforward assessment, in one sense, and a needless provocation in another, given that all three potential 2020 candidates mentioned are black, and there are plenty of other Democratic politicians leftists might not trust either. The combination of straight talk and insensitivity was a perfect embodiment of the Democratic Party’s current chaotic state, which has echoed through responses and ongoing parallel discussions.

At Cosmopolitan, for example, Brittney Cooper (“Get Off Kamala Harris’s Back”) characterized Ryan Cooper’s piece as a “screed” and ignored his more nuanced portrayal of Harris on the way to making a more broadly plausible argument:

Black women are not Jesus. It’s not right to expect us to fix what white Americans are so committed to breaking. This debate, then, isn’t about Harris, but about the emotional and political labor that black women are expected to do to save America’s soul.

Brittney Cooper went on to cite Rep. Barbara D. Jordan’s memorable speech calling for Richard Nixon’s impeachment, …read more

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