Americans Kevin Howard and Taylor Hudson joined the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Andrea DiCenzo for BuzzFeed News

RAQQA, Syria — Kevin Howard has always sought adventure and meaning.

The 28-year-old California Bay Area native first joined the US Marines, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then he joined the French Foreign Legion to broaden his horizons but eventually “got tired of scrubbing toilets.” Now Howard, with a pasty white complexion, blond hair and body art across his arms and face, is fighting on the front lines against ISIS in northern Syria on behalf of the Kurds, Christians and Yazidi minority he befriended while he was deployed to the Middle East.

“I learned about the Kurds and the Yazidis and I always told myself I’d go back,” Howard said during a break in the fighting at a frontline position along the western edge of ISIS-controlled Raqqa. “I really loved the Yazidi people,” he said, referring to the ethnic minority subjected to genocidal violence by ISIS in their homeland near the Iraqi city of Sinjar. “And then [ISIS] in 2014 came and they killed almost everybody I knew, everybody I kept in contact with.”

That was three years ago. Now US troops backing Iraqi …read more

Source:: BuzzFeed – World

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