Democrats rightly attack Republicans when the party’s politicians and pundits perennially propose some fantastical, math-defying tax-cut plan that will slash government revenue but supposedly still not balloon deficits. During the presidential campaign, for instance, Democrats hammered Donald Trump for offering two wildly unrealistic proposals. One would have slashed federal tax revenue by a trillion bucks a year, the other a half trillion. This from the nominee of a party that not long ago was warning how skyrocketing government debt levels might ignite another financial crisis.

Were there some good ideas within those Trump blueprints? Absolutely. Lowering the corporate tax rate, allowing companies to immediately expense new capital investment, and broadening the tax base all individually have merit. But overall the plans were fatally defective because they avoided making hard choices or acknowledging necessary tradeoffs. In short, they were dreamy campaign documents that merited much mockery. Voters deserved better.

What tax cuts are to Republicans, single-payer health care seems to now be for Democrats: a popular, populist policy idea that’s far more attractive in broad strokes than devilish details. Just take a look at Bernie Sanders’ long-awaited Medicare-for-all legislation, introduced yesterday in the Senate. It’s more …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics

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