How bad have things become less than a year into the Trump administration? So bad that serious, responsible citizens — perhaps including you, Dear Reader — have begun to not-so-secretly pine for a military coup.

It’s rarely called that. But that is plainly what people are talking about when they describe “the generals” in senior administration positions (Chief of Staff John Kelly, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis) as the “adults in the room” who are protecting the country from President Trump’s worst impulses.

The threat of Trump is undeniably real. The nation is led by an ignorant, impetuous, tantrum-prone, pathologically insecure, narcissistically deformed man with the emotional maturity of a spoiled pre-schooler. Not only does this man possess the capacity to poison our public life with an endless series of vindictive, polarizing tweets that frequently display flagrantly authoritarian instincts and ambitions — he also holds the power to single-handedly launch a nuclear first strike that could incinerate millions and spark a conflagration that engulfs large swaths of the globe.

Given the enormous stakes, it’s understandable that informed, level-headed Americans would look to the highly intelligent, experienced, disciplined military men surrounding the president as a …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics

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